[HOWTO]Save MP3 from eMajja Jukebox (any playlist from Playlist.com)

eMazza.com has a live music jukebox at http://www.emajja.com/emajjanew/index.php?page=music
You can play songs in the playlist, but what if you want to download it? You can do so by following this short procedure.

You will need Firefox with Live HTTP Headers addon installed. If you have it already you are ready to go. If you havent, download and install Firefox from Mozilla and Live HTTP Headers from Official Download Page.

Now, launch Firefox and open up http://www.emajja.com/emajjanew/index.php?page=music and Launch Live HTTP Headers from Tools > Live HTTP Headers. Now, make sure the player and the playlist is loaded already and then clear Live HTTP Headers. Now, select the song you want to Listen to. Scroll and locate link like http://cdn1-76.projectplaylist.com/e1/v1_0_0/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in Live HTTP Headers. Right Click and copy the link, Now use a download manager to download the link. After it is downloaded, rename it to songname.mp3 and open with your favourite player.

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