[HOWTO] Enable ‘sudo’ in Fedora 15

Here is how you can enable ‘sudo’ in Fedora so that you don’t have to login as root everytime you need to run a command as root. Open up terminal and type in the following:

su #enter root password followed by this one
yum install nano
nano /etc/sudoers

Now, scroll down and you should see something like:

root    ALL=(ALL)	ALL

Just below that line, add this:


For eg, my username is “khattam”, so I added the line:

khattam    ALL=(ALL)	ALL

If you are not sure what your username is, open up a new terminal window and type in ‘whoami’.
Save by pressing Ctrl+O followed by Enter. Exit nano by pressing Ctrl+X. Exit from root by typing in “exit”.

Now, you will be able to use sudo.