[HOWTO] Hack/Cheat Cricket Master Blaster on Facebook

I’ve been lately addicted to a facebook game called Cricket Master Blaster. It is a nice game.

There is a feature which allows players to send challanges to their friends. If someone sends you such a challange, you may want to win the challange by retrying again and again, but that is not allowed. You are allowed to accept only once and you have to make it the first time. However, the following hack will help you.

Adblock Plus Extension

Launch Firefox, login to Facebook and open up Cricket Master Blaster http://apps.facebook.com/masterblaster/. Then view the challanges. Now, with the challanges window open, Bring up Blockable Items from Adblock Plus menu (generally at the top right corner of Firefox) and look for something like If the IP is the same there, goto Adblock Plus menu and under preferences, add* as a filter. Now, keep the Adblock Plus enabled, accept challanges and play on.

If you won the challange, you can disable Adblock Plus and simply submit the score.

If you lose however, keep the Adblock Plus blocked, refresh (reload) the page and then Disable Adblock Plus. Then refresh again. Now, all you need to do is accept challange, enable Adblock Plus and play on. You can try this over and over again untill you win. After you win, disable Adblock Plus and then Submit score.

This hack works as of taday Jan 6, 2010. Hope you found this before they managed to fix it.

Happy Gaming.