[HOWTO] Import photos from Facebook to Google Plus

Google Plus is still not available for public but is only available to invited users. However, many of you already have accounts via invitation. So, you may want to have all your photos from Facebook to Google+. Here is how you can do it.

Download data from Facebook
Login to your Facebook account and click on Account>Account Settings and click “learn more” link to next to Download Your Information. In that page, request to download your information. It might take a while for Facebook to gather all your information and send you a link in your email.

Extract and select photos for upload
Extract the archive and separate out photos if you don’t want every photo to be in your Google Plus account.

Upload to Google Plus
Login to Google Plus, click on the photos icon and then click on Upload New Photos button. Then click Select Photos From Your Computer button. You can select multiple files from the same folder by holding Ctrl or Shift. You can also select all files from the same folder by pressing Ctrl+A. After selecting files, don’t forget to enter album name. When done uploading, click on Create Album.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the Google+ experience.