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[HOWTO] Install Zeitgeist Related Applet for Avant Window Navigator

If you haven’t watched this video with Awn and Zeitgeist, here it is:

Awn + Zeitgeist from Michal Hruby on Vimeo.

This video was originally featured in the developer’s site.

This applet called Related applet has made it into avant-window-navigator development version. It can be installed to Lucid or Maverick by adding the awn development PPA to your repositories. To do so, open up Synaptic (System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager) and then click on Settings>Repositories>Other Software and add


. Then close the Repositories window and reload. Now, look for avant-window-navigator-trunk and mark it for installation. Then apply and wait for it to install. Now, you can launch it via Applications>Accessories menu.

A dock will appear and you can right click it and open Dock Preferences. In the Applet tab, find Related applet and add it to your dock. Now, you can use it as shown in the video. It is awesome.

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