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[HOWTO] Make Street Bike Fury run in Windows 7

I had played a great indie game a few years back. It was called Street Bike Fury from S64 Games. The game is no longer being developed because of death of the developer. I had tried to make this game run earlier but failed. However, I have found a way now and I would like to share that.

After some research, I found that the game was developed using Game Maker 6. The programs made in this only run in Windows XP and not in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. However, in YoYoGames Wiki, there is a software that can fix this. First download and setup Street Bike Fury from official download page. Then, download the Game Maker Conversion Program from here. Then setup the game but don’t launch it. Use the GM_Convert_Game and patch the exe. Then you will be able to run it.

Hope this helps.

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