[HOWTO] Upload Multiple Photos to Facebook using F-spot Photo Manager from Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala

A few days ago, I had written a blog post about uploading multiple photos to your Facebook account using Windows Version of Google Picasa using Wine. The same can be achieved with F-spot, a great photo manager for Linux.Launch F-spot and import all your photos or those you want to upload to Facebook. This may take some time depending upon the number and size of photos and your Options. You may choose not to copy photos to Photos directory and not to detect duplicates to make the process a lot faster. F-spot may seem to not respond for a while, but that is OK. It should be working on the background.

After you have your photos on F-spot, you must enable Facebook Export Plugin. That is not done by default as of version 0.6.3, the one I am using. So, you must reach for Edit > Manage Extensions and then in Export, select FacebookExport and enable it and then close the dialog box. Then select the photos you want to upload and then click on Photo > Export > Facebook. The first time you use this, it will ask you to login to Facebook. Login and Allow the application. Then you may choose to Allow the application to upload photos by marking “Auto Confirm Photos” so that you need not bother about approving the photos after you upload. Then, select an album or create one and then start upload.

Hope this helps.