Play I-Doser DRG Files on Linux with Freedoser

I have created I-doser Drug File (.DRG) player for Linux. Have tested this on Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 64 Bit but it should work for most Linux distros.

I will illustrate how to install this on Ubuntu. Please follow the instructions carefully to get it working.

Getting the essentials
Make sure you have the universe repository enabled. Then open up the terminal and type in or copy/paste the following commands one after another. Enter password when prompted.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential libssl-dev libtool libvorbis-dev libvorbisidec-dev libmad0-dev

Getting Ready
In the terminal, copy\paste or type in the following commands one after another.

mkdir freedoser
cd freedoser

Move on to the next step with the terminal open.

Getting the software
Download it here.

Type in or copy/paste the following command to unpack.

tar -xvvzf freedoser.tar.gz

Type in the following commands to install. Please report any error you encounter as comments to this blog post. Enter password when prompted.

sudo cp freedoser /usr/bin/
cd drg2sbg
sed -i 's/-Werror//g' src/Makefile
sudo make install
cd ../sbagen-1.4.4/
cp /usr/lib/libvorbisidec.a libs/linux-libvorbisidec.a
cp /usr/lib/libmad.a libs/linux-libmad.a
sudo cp sbagen /usr/bin/

If you encounter no errors, installation should be complete. Press Alt+F2 to bring up the Run Application dialog and then type in freedoser and press enter. If everything went ok, it should ask you to select a DRG file. Select a DRG you purchased (or received for free) and it will ask you if you want to continue. Press OK and it will start playing. Press Cancel any time to abort.

I have not tested this anywhere else except my PC and it may not work for you. Please post the problems you encounter here and I will see if I can solve it.

I-doser is a trademark of This site/project is not affiliated with I-Doser Labs in any way.

Thanks to Manuel Arguelles for porting our code from VB to C. His project page is here.
Thanks to Jim Peters, the author of sbagen, who made I-doser possible.

The source code for the freedoser is released under GPL v3 and you may modify/change redistribute it.

Please support the project by recommending I-doser users who use Linux to use try this program in I-doser forum.