Fixing Slow, Choppy and Laggy Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10)

A lot of Ubuntu 10.10 users have been complaining about Maverick being too slow, typing becoming laggy and video performance being choppy.   Here are few things you can try to make it fast again. These have been collected from the user experience discussed in this post in Ubuntu forums.

Update your kernel to latest Mainline kernel

Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat uses version 2.6.35 of Linux Kernel. A lot of users have solved their problems by upgrading to version 2.6.36. You can do so by downloading the deb files and installing them from the Ubuntu Kernel Mainline PPA: Open the latest version that is available (rc8 is the latest in the time of writing this, however only 64bit is available, if you have 32-bit, use rc7) and download the following files:

If you have 32bit, choose the ones that contain i386 instead of amd64 in the name.
Install them one by one in the same order as listed above and reboot.

Note that if that does not help and if you want to switch back to 2.6.35 kernel again, you can always remove 2.6.36 kernel from Synaptic Package Manager (Alt+F2>gksu synaptic). Also note that you will not get updates to 2.6.36 even if newer versions are out, so you should update manually later if you find newer versions of 2.6.36 kernels.

Clean install

If upgrading the kernel doesn’t help you, you may want to clean install in case you have upgraded from previous versions. That may not help most of you, but still might. If you have installed 64-bit version, you may even want to switch to 32bit version as many users have reported to have no problems with 32bit version. If you install 32-bit version and have 4GB or more RAM, you should install linux-generic-pae kernel from Synaptic Package Manager so that your system can make use of all of your RAM. Some users have also mentioned going to LinuxMint has solved their problems. Or if all elese fails, go back to Lucid (10.04) and wait for Natty Narwhal (11.04) to be released.

Hope this helps.

[HOWTO] Install latest Intel DRM Kernel to avoid crashes on boards with Intel HD Graphics

My friend has a laptop with Intel Core i3 and onboard Intel HD graphics. His Ubuntu used to crash very often. He is using latest Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. He then upgraded to latest kernel 2.6.35-997 from drm-intel-next from drm-intel-next PPA which has stopped the crashing. However, the kernel is development kernel and you should use it with caution. If it fails to boot or causes problems, you can always hold on shift key during boot and then boot into the older kernel and remove it from the package manager. Having said that, here is how to install the latest kernel in Ubuntu from the drm-intel-next PPA.
Goto drm-intel-next PPA and then download the following files:
Here, X is the version which you can use whatever is available and refers to your Ubuntu architecture. In the PPA, 32-bit (i386) and 64-bit (amd64) are available. If you don’t know the architecture of your installation, you can easily check by typing the command

uname -m

in the terminal. If it says x86_64, you should go for amd64 and if it says iX86 (i686 for example), go for i386.
After the download, install in the above order and reboot and it should boot into your newly installed kernel.

Hope this helps.