[HOWTO] Install Linux Kernel 2.6.36 or 2.6.37 in Debian Squeeze Testing or Ubuntu or any Debian based distribution without compiling

I have recently installed Debian Squeeze Testing and since I recently moved from Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat (which has 2.6.35), I wanted to install it in my Debian Squeeze (which has 2.6.32). However, compiling kernel is time consuming and tiresome, I decided to use the Ubuntu Kernel Mainline PPA like I always do. I navigated to the latest 2.6.37 directory (which is v2.6.37-rc1-maverick as of today) and downloaded the following files:
linux-headers-XXXXXX_i386.deb (if you have 64bit, choose amd64 version)
linux-image-XXXXXX_i386.deb (if you have 64bit, choose amd64 version)
Also, if you are not using Ubuntu, you may need to download wireless crda package from maverick packages.
After downloading, install in the following order (using dpkg or gdebi):
linux-headers-XXXXXX_i386.deb (if you have 64bit, choose amd64 version)
linux-image-XXXXXX_i386.deb (if you have 64bit, choose amd64 version)

Now, reboot and you should get booted into a new kernel. If you have problems booting into the new kernel, simply boot into the old kernel and remove it via package manager.

Fixing Slow, Choppy and Laggy Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10)

A lot of Ubuntu 10.10 users have been complaining about Maverick being too slow, typing becoming laggy and video performance being choppy.   Here are few things you can try to make it fast again. These have been collected from the user experience discussed in this post in Ubuntu forums.

Update your kernel to latest Mainline kernel

Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat uses version 2.6.35 of Linux Kernel. A lot of users have solved their problems by upgrading to version 2.6.36. You can do so by downloading the deb files and installing them from the Ubuntu Kernel Mainline PPA: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ Open the latest version that is available (rc8 is the latest in the time of writing this, however only 64bit is available, if you have 32-bit, use rc7) and download the following files:

If you have 32bit, choose the ones that contain i386 instead of amd64 in the name.
Install them one by one in the same order as listed above and reboot.

Note that if that does not help and if you want to switch back to 2.6.35 kernel again, you can always remove 2.6.36 kernel from Synaptic Package Manager (Alt+F2>gksu synaptic). Also note that you will not get updates to 2.6.36 even if newer versions are out, so you should update manually later if you find newer versions of 2.6.36 kernels.

Clean install

If upgrading the kernel doesn’t help you, you may want to clean install in case you have upgraded from previous versions. That may not help most of you, but still might. If you have installed 64-bit version, you may even want to switch to 32bit version as many users have reported to have no problems with 32bit version. If you install 32-bit version and have 4GB or more RAM, you should install linux-generic-pae kernel from Synaptic Package Manager so that your system can make use of all of your RAM. Some users have also mentioned going to LinuxMint has solved their problems. Or if all elese fails, go back to Lucid (10.04) and wait for Natty Narwhal (11.04) to be released.

Hope this helps.

[SOLVED] Installation/Upgrades extremely slow in BTRFS partition

UPDATE: I installed a modified version of dpkg which makes it pretty much faster. Brian Rogers posted the patched dpkg ppa in the bug page.
The patched dpkg can be installed by executing the following commands:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:brian-rogers/btrfs
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Older Post follows for historical reasons:
I am using Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Beta and was experiencing extremely slow installation/upgrades. I was using Maverick Alpha 2 which I replaced with Alpha 3 with clean install and changed the root partition to BTRFS. Copying was normal but for some reason, package installation and upgrades took ages.

Later, it was also declared that BTRFS was not making into Maverick final and we would have to wait till the release of Ubuntu 11.04, Natty Narwhal. I read in a bug report that a patch had been issued but this has not made into the latest 2.6.35-22. Hopefully, this will be included when the final version of Maverick comes out.

Meanwhile, I decided to upgrade to 2.6.36 kernel from Kernel Mainline PPA. The latest version as of today is 2.6.36-020636rc5 (2.6.36-rc5). I downloaded the following files and installed them in the same order:

If you have a 64-bit installation, you should download the following instead:

I rebooted and tried installing some packages. The bug still remains. It is definitely not fast as I’d expect it to be. It is still very slow compared to previous experiences with ext3/ext4. I will wait for the new version of 2.6.36 to appear on Kernel Mainline PPA.