[HOWTO] Import photos from Facebook to Google Plus

Google Plus is still not available for public but is only available to invited users. However, many of you already have accounts via invitation. So, you may want to have all your photos from Facebook to Google+. Here is how you can do it.

Download data from Facebook
Login to your Facebook account and click on Account>Account Settings and click “learn more” link to next to Download Your Information. In that page, request to download your information. It might take a while for Facebook to gather all your information and send you a link in your email.

Extract and select photos for upload
Extract the archive and separate out photos if you don’t want every photo to be in your Google Plus account.

Upload to Google Plus
Login to Google Plus, click on the photos icon and then click on Upload New Photos button. Then click Select Photos From Your Computer button. You can select multiple files from the same folder by holding Ctrl or Shift. You can also select all files from the same folder by pressing Ctrl+A. After selecting files, don’t forget to enter album name. When done uploading, click on Create Album.

Hope this helps. Enjoy the Google+ experience.

[HOWTO] Cancel a friend request in Facebook

Have you just sent a friend request to someone who you don’t want to be friends with? You can remove the request by going to Account>Edit Friends>All Connections, or simply to this link:


Now, use the next button, if you have to, to find the person that you mistakenly sent request to. Then click the cross next to their name as shown below:

The person will not see the friend request anymore. But if they have subscribed via emails to Facebook notifications, they will see the email because the email is sent almost immediately when we send a request and there is nothing we can do about it.

[HOWTO] Hack/Cheat Cricket Master Blaster on Facebook

I’ve been lately addicted to a facebook game called Cricket Master Blaster. It is a nice game.

There is a feature which allows players to send challanges to their friends. If someone sends you such a challange, you may want to win the challange by retrying again and again, but that is not allowed. You are allowed to accept only once and you have to make it the first time. However, the following hack will help you.

Adblock Plus Extension


[HOWTO] Facebook. Hack Challenge Click (mychallengeclick) , Impossible Click Final (o_myclick) and other such games

I use Facebook a lot and recently I came across a few games that use Javascript and are Click Challenges. They are Challenge Click (mychallengeclick) , Impossible Click Final (o_myclick). They can simply be tricked by modifying JavaScripts using Firebug. So here is what you need:
Firebug Plugin for Firefox
I am using Firefox 3.5.5 and Firebug 1.4.5 but other versions should work just fine.


[HOWTO] Uploading photos to Facebook with Picasa on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

UPDATE Nov 2, 2008: If you don’t want to get into trouble installing Windows version of Picasa and happy to use F-spot instead, head over to the new article here.

The picasa application from Google repositories with Facebook button does not work for Facebook photo uploads. It ends up with a blank window with nothing but a link. However, I have found an alternative in Ubuntu Forums and it works.

The trick is to install Windows Internet Explorer under wine and then install the Windows version of Picasa. To do this, make sure you have wine installed and picasa removed from your system.
This is how you do it:


[SOLVED] Facebook Chat Pop Opens in a New Window in Konqueror

If you use Konqueror and use Facebook, you might have noticed that Chat Window does not show up as normal and opens in a new window. In firefox or other supported browsers, you will see chat icon as this one:

Firefox Facebook Chat

If you click on that one, you will be able to chat normally.

However, when you use Konqueror or other unsupported browser, you might see something like this one:

Konwueror Facebook Chat

If you click on this however, the chat will open in a new window.