[SOLVED] IOError: Profile archgenxml_profile.xmi not found

I am following through the book “Plone 3.3 Products Development Cookbook” and encountered an error while using archgenxml as specified in Page 58:

cd ~/libexec/archgenxml/models
../bin/archgenxml ./poxContentTypes.zargo

The error is as follows:

INFO ArchGenXML Version 2.4.1
(c) 2003-2009 BlueDynamics Alliance, Austria, GPL 2.0 or later
INFO Parsing…
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “../bin/archgenxml”, line 19, in ?
File “/home/pravin/libexec/archgenxml/eggs/archgenxml-2.4.1-py2.4.egg/archgenxml/ArchGenXML.py”, line 114, in main
File “/home/pravin/libexec/archgenxml/eggs/archgenxml-2.4.1-py2.4.egg/archgenxml/ArchetypesGenerator.py”, line 4127, in parseAndGenerate
File “/home/pravin/libexec/archgenxml/eggs/xmiparser-1.4-py2.4.egg/xmiparser/xmiparser.py”, line 2813, in parse
raise IOError(“Profile %s not found” % fn)
IOError: Profile archgenxml_profile.xmi not found

I ran the help for archgenxml by executing the following:

../bin/archgenxml --help

I noticed the option –profile-dir with which I could specify the directory containing profiles. It was expected to look into profiles directory, but it did not. So, the following command generates the contents as required:

cd ~/libexec/archgenxml/models
../bin/archgenxml ./poxContentTypes.zargo --profile-dir=../profiles/

This did the job.

[SOLVED] Module DateTime.DateTime, line 1145, in toZone

I am using Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat and live in Nepal, timezone Asia/Kathmandu. I have been trying to setup Plone CMS in my local computer for learning to build sites with Zope/Plone. However, I had been getting errors.

I installed Plone 3.3.5 on my Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat 64bit Desktop with Plone Unified Installer – for Linux/BSD/OS X/UNIX/Solaris. The installation was successful.

Then I ran the instance of Zope by changing directory to where my Plone is installed and running the following in terminal:

cd /usr/local/Plone
sudo ./bin/instance fg

Then I could browse the url http://localhost:8080/manage (I had changed the port number to 8888 ).

However, when I tried to create a Plone Site using Zope interface, I got the following error:

Site Error

An error was encountered while publishing this resource.

Error Type: KeyError
Error Value: ”

I see the following error in the terminal:

Module DateTime.DateTime, line 1145, in toZone
KeyError: ”
Unhandled exception in thread started by
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/Plone/Zope-2.10.11-final-py2.4/lib/python/ZServer/PubCore/ZServerPublisher.py”, line 25, in __init__
File “/usr/local/Plone/Zope-2.10.11-final-py2.4/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py”, line 401, in publish_module
environ, debug, request, response)
File “/usr/local/Plone/Zope-2.10.11-final-py2.4/lib/python/ZPublisher/Publish.py”, line 227, in publish_module_standard
if request is not None: request.close()
File “/usr/local/Plone/Zope-2.10.11-final-py2.4/lib/python/ZPublisher/BaseRequest.py”, line 211, in close
notify(EndRequestEvent(None, self))
File “/usr/local/Plone/Zope-2.10.11-final-py2.4/lib/python/zope/event/__init__.py”, line 23, in notify
File “/usr/local/Plone/Zope-2.10.11-final-py2.4/lib/python/zope/component/event.py”, line 26, in dispatch
for ignored in zope.component.subscribers(event, None):
File “/usr/local/Plone/Zope-2.10.11-final-py2.4/lib/python/zope/component/_api.py”, line 130, in subscribers
return sitemanager.subscribers(objects, interface)
File “/usr/local/Plone/Zope-2.10.11-final-py2.4/lib/python/zope/component/registry.py”, line 290, in subscribers
return self.adapters.subscribers(objects, provided)
AttributeError: adapters

I tried adding the following in buildout.cfg under instance section:

zope-conf-additional =
        TZ Asia/Katmandu

as instructed here and running buildout again but this did not work for me as I got the same error again.

I then installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx 32bit Server in Virtualbox and installed Plone again. This time I used Python 2.4 from Hardy repository rather than having it built by Plone installer. I used the tutorial here for rest of the stuff. But I got the same error again.

I then thought it was a Ubuntu specific issue and then installed CentOS 5.5 minimal in Virtualbox and installed Plone again. This did not work either. The same error appeared.

I then installed Plone 4 using Python 2.6 but the same error appears in instance.log.

In the Virtualbox installation of Ubuntu 10.04, I changed the timezone to Asia/Alaska and then the problem was gone. To do so, I did the following:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

And then I selected US, Alaska. I then changed the buildout.c
I changed buildout.cfg to reflect the change in timezone:

zope-conf-additional =
        TZ US/Alaska

and ran buildout again.

sudo ./bin/buildout

Then the error no longer shows and I can create page.

I don’t know if it is a python issue, or Datetime bug. I will dig into it later. But for now, Plone works.