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Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) Released

The final stable version of Ubuntu 9.04 has been released today. It is available as a standard Desktop Edition for Desktops, Server Edition for Servers and the Netbook Remix Edition for Laptops and Netbooks. Goto the official site and take a tour to find out more.

It should provide shorter boot times and enhanced Desktop experience with better notification system. It also includes Openoffice 3.0 which could not make it into the previous release. Other notable changes since 8.10 are
Linux Kernel 2.6.28
Support for ext4 filesystem
GNOME 2.26 with brasero as the CD burning application,
X.Org 1.6

See the Ubuntu 9.04 Release Notes for more information.

Also released are Kubuntu 9.04, Xubuntu 9.04 and Edubuntu 9.04.

Kubuntu 9.04 is equipped with all new KDE 4.2.2 with great graphics and usability.

Other notable changes include
Package Kit as package manager
Amarok 2.0.2
New Widgets
Native Integration of GTK Applications and more.

See the Kubuntu 9.04 Release Notes for more.

Also see the Xubuntu Release Notes and Edubuntu Release Notes.

If you are unable to download, you can have the CDs for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu shipped to you for FREE. Visit the shipit websites for the operating system you want and order yours.

Have fun. Do post comments and reviews.

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